Meet Our Guides


Birdwatching Guide

Jose has a degree in Ornithology and he is an enthusiastic birdwatcher who loves to share his local knowledge and experience with tourists. Jose loves to introduce the birds of the Amazon to birdwatchers from all over the world. His education and years of local experience make him the perfect guide.


Angling Guide

The Amazon river system has incredible bio diversity when it comes to the species of fish that lives in the river and its tributaries. Joao has been traveling on the Amazon river since he was a kid and enjoys angling. Nobody can be a better angling guide then a local fishing entheusiasts with years of experience.


Culinary Guide

Belem provides guests with an amazing variety of culinary options. Antonio graduated from one one of the best culinary institutes in Brazil and he has a passion for food. Antonio is your Gandalf the Wizard when it comes to introducing tourist the the many culinary delights that Belem offers.


City Guide

Being a local gives you a unique perspective on the wide variety of activities that Belem offers to tourists. Maria grew up in the city and loves the vibrant lifestyle that the city offers to locals and visitors. She enjoys sharing her local knowledge with visitors her love and passion for the city is infectious.


Botanical Guide

Ana is a university educated botanist specialist in Amazon Orchids. Unknown to many, Belem offers an amazing opportunity to view the many colorful flowers of the Amazon in their natural habitat. With her education in botanics Ana is the perfect guide, with an ability to share her knowledge.


Amazon River Guide

Born in one of the Amazon river communities Francisca has the ability to provide unique inside, to visitors, about life alongside the Amazon river. The Amazon is in danger from illegal logging and mining and eco tourism can be a sustainable source of income which can protect the Amazon forest.



Our guides are locals with a passion for sharing their local knowledge and experiences.

Our guides pride themselves on their local knowledge. Having lived in Belem and the Amazon rainforest means that our guides feel comfortable in their surroundings and have great local knowledge and experience. 

Most of our guides are university educated and/or have fast local knowledge. This improves the quality of the experience that we can offer you as our guests. The Brazilian culture is known for its hospitality and we will make sure that you feel yourself at home in Belem.

Feel free to inform us in advance of any additional services or fascilities that you need to make your stay in Belem unforgettable. . is a tourism organization which prides itself on providing the ultimate experience to our customers. Make sure to contact us to discuss your requirements and the experiences that you hope to have in Brazil. Just contact us and we’ll do everything possible to give you the best experience possible. 


Belém is waiting for you!

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